Amen Ethiopian Cuisines brings you dishes of authentic flavours. Berbere spice blends paired with quality beef, chicken and the best vegan produce. Siga Tibs. Doro Tibs. Yetsom Beyaynetu. Tiff enjira sour flatbreads.

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Amen Ethiopian Cuisines was founded in 2015 in Brick Lane. Later, we moved to Portobello Market before finding our home every weekend at Maltby St Market. We also sometimes appear at Rupert Street Market for lunches Monday to Friday.


Amen Ethiopian Cuisines has been at:

  • Notting Hill Carnival
  • Lambas Country Show
  • Northcote Road Festivals
  • Reading Festival
  • Morden Country Show
  • Foodies Festivals
  • Market Square Group
  • Cambridge Country Show
  • Hayes Festivals
  • Eastbournes Festivals
  • Maidenstone Festivals